1 in 5 people have some kind of disability – physical, developmental, learning-based, a mental health issue, or a combination of disabilities. Jewish Learning Venture believes that every family raising Jewish children should be supported to find inclusive Jewish experiences where they can make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves. Unfortunately, Jewish educators often find themselves in the frustrating position wanting to be more inclusive but lacking the training and resources to make fully inclusive educational spaces.

jkidACCESS can help you become more inclusive in your classrooms, programming, and engagement strategies.

You will find:

  • Guides to making your Shabbat and holiday programs inclusive and accessible for all families
  • Videos about adapting crafts and cooking for kids with fine motor, cognitive, attention and/or sensory challenges
  • Social stories that teachers can use to help prepare students for holidays
  • Downloadable resources to share with parents in your community
  • Learn about the jkidACCESS Guides program

Inclusive Family Engagement

Download the jkidACCESS Guide Training Curriculum and watch our jkidACCESS Guide Training to learn how to make YOUR family engagement programs more accessible and inclusive: