Welcome to jkidACCESS, your virtual space for resources and information for families raising Jewish children with disabilities. We are here to be a resource for YOU to find the support and accommodations needed for full inclusion in Jewish life.

For Educators and Communal Leaders:

About Whole Community Inclusion

Families raising children with disabilities face a number of obstacles to full inclusion in Jewish communal and educational settings. As part of our signature initiative, Whole Community Inclusion, Jewish Learning Venture applies a lens of disability inclusion to all of our work in order to empower families raising children with disabilities to make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves. We provide programs for families and parents through jkidphilly and we help early childhood and congregational educators and teen aids become increasingly more inclusive of children with disabilities.

Supporting ‘Whole Community Inclusion’

About jkidphilly and Jewish Learning Venture

jkidphilly, a program of Jewish Learning Venture, connects families raising young Jewish children to each other, resources, and happenings around the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community. jkidphilly includes:

Programs around the Greater Philadelphia area for holidays, mitzvah projects, playdates, mom’s nights out and more! Many of our programs are sensory-friendly to include children who need extra support.

Resources for your family to use about holidays, Israel, Jewish values and more.

About Jewish Learning Venture


Jewish Learning Venture envisions individuals and families engaged in dynamic, connected Jewish life in Greater Philadelphia and beyond.


Jewish Learning Venture inspires and empowers people to make Jewish life, learning, and community relevant and meaningful.


Jewish Learning Venture will empower families raising children from birth through high school to make Judaism more meaningful and relevant for themselves. Our innovative programs will guide families and leaders of Jewish organizations to see Judaism as a means to a thriving life.


To be empowered, one must feel included and valued. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our mission. This includes Jews and their loved ones of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, nation of origin, gender and sexual identities, disability, age, religious denomination, level of observance, lived experiences, and world views. Inclusion and empowerment at this level enables Jewish Learning Venture to continue to grow and innovate.

Our work has to be internal first so it can impact what we do externally. We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work; our staff and volunteer leadership are actively engaged in conversations about belonging, justice, and dignity. We seek to increase representation of marginalized communities on our staff and in our leadership. We listen to the wisdom of those with lived experiences that are different from ours, connecting us closer to the communities we serve, and moving us toward our mission of creating a Jewish community that is meaningful and relevant to all. And, we know there is more work to be done. We are committed to continuing that work.

Bring your authentic whole self to Jewish Learning Venture. We see you, we hear you, and we’re glad you’re here. You Belong.